About Lyfe in A Glass

 Mogen David was my first introduction to crushed grapes in a glass. My earliest memories were, as a child seeing the bottles of Mogen David Concord sit on my grandmother’s dinner table. This is where the family would gather for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or if your family is like mine, just to have the family together!   

I Love sweet wine and I wanted to create a Brand that celebrates Lyfe's experiences and how we incorporate our love of wine in those moments! You see, I was sitting on my sofa asking myself " Why can't I create something I Love like this glass of wine I'm drinking!!!! And just like that, a vision was born. After time and great effort, A Lux Tee brand was curated with beautiful images related to wine and titled according to the imagery. I believe that each of these collections will speak to you in some way drawing on an emotion that resonates with a Lyfe experience!  LYFE means "LOVE YOURSELF FOREVER"!!

 The concept of this brand is to empower and inspire women through bold, vivid visions.   We have love our glass of wine to get us to our place of ZEN after a long day of work, Wine down Wednesday or anytime we feel like it! This product line takes us through a beautiful relationship with wine, and let’s not forget the many reasons to toast, (yes we can toast with wine although I love a good glass of champagne) Birthdays, promotions, weddings, and of course the biggest toast of all is Welcoming in the New Year!